Call for write-ups

Women Chapter Desk:

Anyone who is passionate about writing on women’s issues are cordially invited to send their articles to us. 

Examples of issues: Domestic violence, gender-discrimination, rape, gender based violence, gender and conflict, patriarchy, etc.

No Geographical or gender constraint; you can be from anywhere on Earth with a passion for women empowerment.

Word limit: 600-1200 preferably.
Send your writeup with a short bio and photograph at: [email protected]

PS- We also encourage the women writers to write on their reflections from personal or professional experiences.

Have you written a well articulated piece in a language other than English and would like to have the English version translated? Feel free to contact us. 

P.S. Unfortunately, at this stage, no monetary reward can be offered. It is totally voluntary work

For further details, please drop a mail at: [email protected]



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