The Stereotypical Society


Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur:


Day in and day out,

You love to ask me if I cook?

And every time I say ‘no’,

The next question is,

“What will you feed your husband?”

No, I don’t like to cook,

No, I don’t like to marry maybe,

No, I don’t “need” to marry someone,

No, I don’t need a “man’s” shoulder to cry on,

I’ve fought all my battles alone,

I can continue doing it further.

No, I am not born to keep any man happy,

I am born to keep myself happy.

If I wish to work, I will,

If I don’t wish to I won’t.

If I wish to cook,

Have children,


Listen to someone’s rantings, I will.

The point is, I will do it, if “I want” to,

And definitely not because you ,

As the “society” think,

That “I have” to!

It’s not my “stereotypical duty”, It’s my “humane right”,

for goodness’ sake.

Kamalpreet Eknoor Kaur is a lawyer pursuing her Masters at Law, from Amity Lucknow. Apart from law, her passions including writing, photography, dancing and music.


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