Women For Syria


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Women’s March on Washington calls out for expressing solidarity with Syrian refugees on A

We know that Syrian refugees have endured unfathomable death and devastation only to encounter extreme vetting and are eager to find safety and security.

We call on Women’s March organizers and supporters to invite their local communities on Thursday, April 13, at 6pm local time for vigils across the country to let the people of Syria know they are not alone. We hear you. We see you.

Bring candles and signs. Share your events on social media using the hashtag #WomenForSyria. Together, let’s send a strong message that we are speaking out; we will not be silent in the face of these atrocities.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: On a black background, red text reads “#WomenForSyria.” Below that, white text reads “A DAY OF ACTION.” Below that, green text reads “4.13.17.” The Women’s March logo is in the bottom left corner.

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